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Murder on Faroe Island

Hi, I’m officer Burke. My wife and I recently came to the islands, she to study the migratory birds here and me for a new challenge. “Officer let’s go,” said my senior, “We’ve got a call of a murder.”

We quickly reached the start of the forest where the body was found and saw suspicious Sam next to a few disgruntled people explaining to the crowd how he caught them red-handed committing murder for black magic. We pushed out way through all ready to investigate until we came face to face with a grinning white face with glassy eyes. Just between you and me I’d have to admit that the sight of that certainly freaked me out.

On further inspection and questioning we realised that it was a mannequin and that the people committing ‘black magic’ were actually tourists celebrating an early Halloween.

They of course had to pay a fine for using public property without permission while suspicious Sam was let off with a warning to not spread such a rumour again.

Today Pegman is visiting the Faroe Islands.


The photo prompts​ have been given by Liz Young at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and by wildverbs at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW).

(PS : Sorry for overshooting the word limit will  shorten it later in the week.)

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To The Past & Back

She looked outside the window. “Ammi was right” she thought as she gazed at the outline of skyscrapers, “the city has indeed changed.”
She managed to get a taxi immediately outside the airport and then started a journey not only through the city (to her hotel) but also down memory lane.

On the way, she saw a familiar area and asked the driver to wait by the side of the road. The Azadi Tower stood strong and proud as it had years ago but the surrounding area was different, you could see tourists going window shopping at the boutiques here.

She passed the park which had considerably shrunk to make way for the nearby fast-food joints. Here, as before, little boys still played football while women met to find out the latest gossip and exchange news.

She got to her hotel, flopped on her bed in exhaustion and then took out her sketchbook to draw all that she had seen; who knows what changes Iran would see in the coming years?

Today Pegman is in Tehran, Iran. The photo prompt (second image) is by J Hardy Carroll at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (Exhaust) is given by GirlieOnTheEdge who hosts Six Sentence Stories.

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“Born in the USAAAA, Born in the USAAAA,” sang the 18-year-old on the mic, strumming his out of tune guitar. “Dikra*” said the old man as he got off the makeshift stage, “Why don’t you sing another song, maybe something Bollywood? My customers​ are not interested in listening that you were born in the USA while having their bun maska*. If you sing in this manner, my remaining few customers will run away.” “Don’t worry chacha* your customers won’t run away; I take feedback very seriously,” replied the teenager.

The next day…

“Born in the Bollywoooooooood.” The old man simply shook his head while collecting the next order.

*Meaning of some of the words:

Dikra- Boy or Son

Bun maska- Bun and butter (popular in many Irani Cafes)

Chacha- Uncle

The photo prompt is by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompt (manner) is by GirlieOnTheEdge at Six Sentence Stories.

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WEP: The Turkish Heirloom

The serene countryside was suddenly broken by shouts of excitement; Ismail leaned on his spade as Ayaz went forward to uncover what they had found. Spring was here and coupled with the downfall in the economy, both brothers had returned to their ancestral home in Taşlıçay to make a living through agriculture. Gently they uncovered the soil-laden bag which consisted of a glass vase, a few rusted gold  coins and a  woolen sweater torn at the seams…

…Çocuklar uyumaya gider (Translation: Kids go to sleep), interrupted a female voice as all the young ones scuttled away, each hoping that one day he would uncover a family heirloom. “Ne dedesi, hala onlara masal anlatıyorsun (Translation: What grandfather, you are still telling them such tales),” said Shenaz to the storyteller with a pout. Ismail just smiled a toothy grin as he continued polishing his favourite vase in the dim light.

Word Count 147: FCA – Preferred (Though all kinds of comments are welcome)

The June 2018 WEP Challenge: Unravelled Yarn. (Click here to know more.)

Disclaimer: This time Pegman decided to stopover at Taşlıçay, Turkey (hosted at and it’s my first trip along. I’ve yet to figure out how the street view thing works. Most of my information is based on what I found on Google.

The photo prompt has been given by Enisa at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) and the word prompt (Polish)  has been given by GirlieOnTheEdge.

Whew… That’s a lot, especially after my long break.


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The Game of Life

‘Cluckity cluck, cluckity cluck’ rang the footsteps as the two aliens went about their way. “Mommy I’m hungry, I want some water” said one. “Not now child, we need to make it to the next level before we replenish our energy; we are anyways being tracked so let’s hurry,” replied the other.

Suddenly the ground started shaking, a tree fell and trapped the little alien in its fork. The mother went to help but…

Game Over!

The screen read as the kid hit refresh. Very soon you could again hear, ‘Cluckity cluck, cluckity cluck’ “Mommy I’m hungry.”

Today is W for Water

The photo prompts have been given by Jan Wayne Fields​ at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields and by Ellespeth at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW). The word prompt (Track) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at Girlie On The Edge.

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The Little House

Once there was a scientist who decided to shift to the nearby deserted valley; After that, no one ever heard from him again.

5 Years Later…

“Look!” exclaimed the young explorer pointing to a hut. “But it’s in ruins” replied her companion.

“Well, it’s good enough for shelter, I don’t want to wake up when the storm’s overhead.”

Since they couldn’t find the door, they climbed through a window into what was supposed to be a kitchen. But, instead of peeling walls and dented furniture, they were astounded to see modern innovative machines. They walked towards the other rooms to explore.

It’s been a year since anyone’s heard from them.

Today it’s K for Kitchen.


The photo prompts have been given by Yinglan at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) and by Yarnspinnerr at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The word prompt (wake) has been given by Six Sentence Stories at Girlie On The Edge.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Sahra and her husband were sitting on a bench, enjoying the fresh air and watching boat races on the nearby river. “Look mummy, see what I found” said her 2-year old daughter, walking towards with a rotten Easter Egg.

***A week ago***

They’ll never find it here thought Denise as she hid another Easter egg. It was the day before Easter and she wanted some time alone to rest the next afternoon. The solution—give the kids something to do and what better way than to keep them busy by making them search Easter eggs that the ‘Easter Bunny’ had ‘dropped’ on his way? She thought her plan was perfect.

However, it was far from so. The next night, muddy footprints filled the entire living room and all sorts of things ranging from the Easter eggs to egg-shaped stones to stuff she could not seem to recognise were spread across the house. (She didn’t even get all the eggs back).

Today is E for Easter.

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The photo prompt has been given by Dorothy at the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW).