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How to Melt Someone’s Anger

Ugh I’m so mad at her! She always does this in the mornings. I turn and slam the bathroom door as I go for a shave. As the water is running, I grab the blade only to cut my finger. I gulp down my desire to yell and go towards the kitchen. To my surprise there is a pile of bandages and a message. As I wrap one around my finger I read the message. “Knew you would cut yourself. Kept the bandages for you.” That girl surely knows how to melt someone’s​ anger.

The picture prompt has been given by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by Joyce Sutphen at the Sunday Whirligig.

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A Beautiful Journey

“Huff, huff” she finally reached the top. Young Penny had always been looking for something challenging. She zeroed in on climbing up a mountain top. Of course, most of the wise people in her family told her not to attempt it, but she was adamant. And this not to waste. She explored most of the caves in this crooked mountain before reaching the top. She reached there as the sky was turning an orangish brown colour with shadows begin cast all around. As the stars came out, she brushed her hair back thinking about her journey. It was so beautiful!

The photo prompt has been given by CEAyr at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by William Butler Yeats at the Sunday Whirligig.

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Rejection Can Be Hard

“Yes” she said tearfully as she kept the bouquet of flowers in a vase. She waited for the door to close behind her before cracking a satisfied smile. She looked over at the condolence letters, some still in their envelopes.

She had thought that he would be different, but he was just like most of them. He rejected her because she wasn’t pretty enough. She wasn’t easily defeated though. She worked harder to impress him and after marrying him decided to send him to a place ​where he wouldn’t be able to reject anyone.

She put on another sad face as she went to answer the knock at her door.

The photo prompt has been given by Dale Rogerson at the Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff. The word prompts have been given by Esther Cohen at the Sunday Whirligig.

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Little Joys

“Peek Peeeeeek” the car horn rang out as the little girl pressed it with delight. Outside a man was surveying the damage done to the car. “Two dents, smashed​ tail lights…” 

He had worked day and night to buy this car and was loathe to tell his neighbours that it was damaged in the first week itself. How he hated the other driver who banged him.

“Daddy, come on. Let’s go” he looked as his daughter blissfully blew the horn her lips curled up in a smile. Her sandals were on the floor as she stood on the driver’s seat lollipop in hand. She then drew a smiley on the fogged windshield.

I guess it is the little joys in life that matter the most.

The photo prompt has been given by Kent Bonham at the Friday Fictioneers. The word prompts have been given by Laure-Anne Bosselaar at the Sunday Whirligig.

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A Bowl from the Shiny Pot

I walk into the little tent. It smells musty as though the rays of the sun haven’t peeked through this place for decades.
“You are on time as always.” I look in the direction of the voice. I see the bent lady with wrinkled skin stirring a pot of shiny liquid with a bamboo ladle. Besides her is a candle which time and again she uses to keep the fire in her stove lit. Ahead of her is a huge pile of leaves.

“You must have left all the trees leafless,” I say indicating the pile of leaves. She just smiles concentrating on the pot in front of her. Outside you can hear a blackbird singing.

Behind her are a few paintings. Probably of when she was young. Or maybe not. They are too dirty to be clear. My attention again goes back to her as she pours the soup from the pot into a bowl asking, “so what did your wife burn today.”

I sigh replying, “I’m not so sure. If only she could cook well enough.” The lady shakes her head, drinking her own bowl of soup. “If only you’d dare to tell her that.”

Picture by Janet Webb. As part of Friday Fictioneers. Prompts by the Sunday Whirligig.

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And Another Night


<*fire crackling*>

So we’ve gone swimming, visited the nearby nursery, counted stars, played games, and sang songs. What should we do tomorrow?

No. I know I promised you that we would go trekking but we had to walk such a great distance just to get here. You should save your energy and search for a better way to get to the village unless you are willing to walk all the way again.

Jack: We could visit the nearby church. It has lovely stained glass windows. Did you know my grandparents met there? My grandfather used to do clerking there.

Me: Please continue. It should be an interesting story.

Jack: My grandma used to distribute flyers for pocket money. It was on the day of Benediction in the church. Since it was a grand function, my grandma thought that there would be a huge crowd and she could easily distribute flyers to the people as they left.

So she arrived at the church with two satchels resting against her hips filled with flyers of flowers, lipsticks, hairspray, smocks, table cloths, and a lot more products. As she was distributing the flyers she met my grandfather who was helping usher the crowd. He seldom helped with the crowd unless it was a huge one, just like it was on that day. According to them it was love at first sight. It was a windy day so my grandfather helped her to hold on to the flyers as she brushed wisps of hair away from her face. They kept meeting and a few months later they got married there.


Next Afternoon


The church was really wonderful, don’t you think?

Jack: I told you that it would be.

Me: Okay, now yell check as I count off all our chores that are done. Are all the boxes packed?

Is the place cleaned up properly?

Who is carrying Susie’s plants?

Who is carrying the train tickets?

Are snacks​ for the way packed?

And the map? Don’t get us lost.

All right then let’s lock up and leave. I really hope that you enjoyed this picnic just like we did.

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Night and Day


Whew! That WAS quite some hard work. I don’t think that I want to see a hammer anymore. 

Seriously, you must really have a lot of energy to want to build a campfire and dance around it.

Yes I do remember that school camps used to be like that. Singing, dancing, and telling ghost stories around a fire. I must say that I told the best ones. Most of the kids were sooo frightened… Hey why are you two laughing. I’m serious. Now get some paper and dry sticks, oh and a matchbox too.


Next Morning


Jack: Wake up! It’s morning. What do your’ll want to do today.

Me: Certainly not trekking. After getting lost yesterday in the middle of the woods and walking everywhere, I’m tired of walking.

Jack: Then let’s go to the nearby lake and have a splash. We could also pack some lunch and eat it after visiting the nursery. Don’t forget, Susie does expect us to get her certain plants for her “beauty treatment.” She’ll be upset if we don’t get them.

Me: *sighing* I don’t see how any of those even work. She’ll most likely just try it on for a week and then forget about it. I guess some people just get crazier as they grow older. Wait, where are you going so fast. Atleast let me get into something that looks better than my pajamas!

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