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My Favorite Ads

Being in BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media), analyzing various ads and case studies was part of our curriculum. This introduced us to a varied number of ads from different time periods. From ads that made us laugh whole heatedly to ones that made us go “awwww,” here are a three of my favorite ads:

Cadbury- 1993- Kuch Khaas Hai

The ad was introduced around the time when India had beaten England in a game of cricket and the entire country was celebrating.

Vodafone- 2009- Happy To Help

The ad, telling about Vodafone’s Customer Service showcases the iconic pug and little girl in a series of TV commercials.

Mentos- 2011- Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De

The ad introduced Mentos’s new flavour- Watermelon.

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Content! It’s something the entire internet is made of. It is also something which determines a number of things a person does, like, which product to buy? Or, how to fix a light bulb? The marketer and author, Seth Godin says, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.” Here are more reasons why you should consider content marketing for your business:

  • It Drives Organic Traffic

People always click on the first few links they see when they type a query on Google or any other search engine. Writing articles and blog posts with relevant keywords increases chances of your company’s website appearing at the top and being opened. This increases the number of people who view your content.

  • Makes You Look Like An Expert/ Helper

Companies which provide information regarding their industry are seen as experts regarding the same. Those who offer tips or help are preferred more than companies who give out information only about themselves and their products. This is why a number of fashion bloggers or food stylists get a high number of followers.

  • Increases The Number Of Times Your Brand Name Is Viewed

A lot of companies have started giving options to their viewers/ readers to subscribe to their blogs and like or follow their social media pages. By doing this, not only do they give a chance to their followers to stay connected with them, but also, they are able to make their presence felt by having their messages appear in their target audiences feed and email inboxes.

  • Turning A Potential Client/ Customer Into An Actual One

Potential clients who keep coming back to your blog posts or social media channels, tend to check more information about your company and the products you sell. Some articles can also inspire them to buy your products. For example, if your company sells various kinds of sauces, you could write a blog post or create a video on how to make a veg. kebab and incorporate your sauce in the recipe.

Of course, creating and implementing a content strategy requires some amount of hard work and dedication. Keep in mind that your content should be of high quality. It should also be such that people keep coming back to it. Remember, people will only read, like and share things they find relevant and interesting.  

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Editing The Canvas

Earlier in the day getting a portrait made was considered the in thing among the rich and famous in society. An artist was called and the person had to sit still in the same position till the painting was done. It is hardly a wonder that you don’t find people smiling in such pictures. I mean imagine sitting in a chair and grinning for 5-6 hours continuous! Though of course at that time it was a case of no pain no gain.’

However, using that statement for having your own picture taken has been rendered useless. Thanks to Alexandra Wolcott, now all we have to do is ‘pose’ for a picture and click it. What more, with modern technology it has even become possible to modify these images. This new canvas has made it easy to crop, brighten or add filters to pictures. You can even make yourself thinner or taller without any real effort along with making other changes.

Photo editing has no bounds. I remember attending a Photoshop workshop where a participant asked how to fit a person’s face on another’s body. Unfortunately, since the instructor did not have pictures with human figures, he ended up fitting a bear’s head on an ostriches’ body.

Regardless to say, even though it was a hilarious sight, it did prove an interesting point- It has become so easy to modify images that you can even create your own pictures. Now with everyone wanting to look ‘as pretty as a picture,’ modifying images has become natural (as well as probably the in thing with photographs).

A lovely example of how a picture can be edited to look different can be seen in Dove’s Evolution Commercial.

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Films: Starring The Firsts Among Many

Films have come a long way in India. With many films crossing the 400 crore mark, the Indian film industry accounted for nearly  158.3 billion (In Indian rupees) in 2015 with expectations for it to increase to 181.3 billion rupees in 2016 (Source: Statista). Following are some of the films that have made their mark by being the first in their categories.


Indian Cinema has had two main movements which exist till now:.


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When The Pen is More Dangerous Than The Sword

Throughout the years it has been said- ‘The Pen is Mightier than Sword.’ In that effect you have essays stating quotes like “great warriors have fought but have been forgotten, while great writers are remembered forever.”

But one thing to consider: What happens when the might of the pen exceeds a lot? When it becomes as, or even more dangerous than the sword?

Over the years the power of the written word has gained a lot of strength, probably even more than muscle power. It has brought people together for protests like in the Charlie Hebdo attacks. It has even caused rifts.

In some ways both- the pen and sword are similar. Both have a pointed end. Without this end both are ineffective. Both can leave a permanent mark in the form of ink marks and scars. (Incase a pen is used to physically attack a person, it can also leave physical scars.) Both can kill- The sword can kill a person’s life while a pen can kill a person’s reputation.

In other ways they can be different. If you see a picture of a person holding a weapon, it will most likely look threatening. If you see a person holding a pen, it will most likely be a sign of ’empowerment'(education) or ‘respect.’

The Perception on Seeing a Person Holding a Pen or Sword Has Different Meanings
The Perception on Seeing a Person Holding a Pen or Sword Has Different Meanings

Sometimes the written word can be manipulative. Sometimes even false. The period of Yellow Journalism is such an example. It was a period when journalists held sensationalism higher than true facts.

Also, the pen has been held by warriors as writers. Adolf Hitler wrote his autobiography ‘Mein Kampf’ (My Struggle) which is also known as his political manifesto. Pierre- Alexis Muenier a soldier who fought in World War 1 wrote ‘L’angoisse de Verdun’ (The Anguish of Verdun). J. R. R. Tolkien wrote books like ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

One thing we cannot forget: It was a pen which the drafters of our constitution used to put down the law of post- independent India. It was also a pen that gave us great authors like Rabindranath Tagore, Arundhati Roy, R. K. Narayan and Salman Rushdie among others.