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The Hidden Persuaders

Psychology and its connecting disciplines has always fascinated me. One subject among them is the art of persuasion, which is more successful at conquering people and nations than even a physical war.

Recently, as part of class work I read the ‘Hidden Persuaders’ by Vance Packard. The book was published in 1957 and consists of 200 pages. The book is divided into 4 parts- The depth approach, persuading us as consumers, persuading us as citizens and In retrospect.

The depth approach discipline gained popularity during the time the book was written. It goes on to say that the approach is important as consumers are irrational people. They either don’t know what they want or, even if they do, they are unlikely to reveal the same. It thus, used various techniques to find out the same (different researchers used different techniques).

The book shows how using insights from the above, marketers are using emotions like self-images, guilt & indulgence, security & fear, sex, aversions, etc. It also dwells on concepts like advertising to kids, subliminal advertising and others.

The book is pretty interesting for those are interested in the unconscious mind. However, for those looking for a light and informative read, the book’s matter leans more on to the heavier side.

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Book Review: The Best Crime Stories

The Best Crime Stories is an anthology of 24 short stories by some of the most renowned authors in crime stories like Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, P.D. James, etc. From murder to theft to blackmail, this book is a must read for crime stories lovers.

Some must read stories from the book:

The Avenging Chance- Anthony Berkely

When the wife of a rich man dies due to poisoned chocolates, everyone wonders who could want to poison an innocent woman.

They Never Get Caught- Margery Allingham

A story filled with suspense and an unexpected ending makes this a must read. The story revolves around a husband who is plotting to kill his ‘dumb’ wife for a younger woman.

Jericho and the Two Ways To Die- Hugh Pentecost

When Jericho stops a young woman (who is the wife of a high profile lawyer) from committing suicide, little does he know what is in store for him.

The Victim- P.D. James

A story filled with jealousy, hate, love, revenge and a lot more. 

From Dusk to Dawn- Cornell Woolrich

The story showcases how the notion of power can cause destruction. It follows , a young unemployed man who by chance gets in his possession a gun and what follows is a night of mayhem.

Think I’m forgetting any story you think should be included here? Share it in the comments.