2017 in Review

This is my last post this year and with this, I would like to review my blog’s performance along with listing my top performing and favourite posts.

I started Randomzb on 27th January 2017 and since then it’s come a long way, see for yourself:

Total views: 1,139 (based on the time I’ve posted this, it could increase)

Total visitors: 638 (from many different countries I may add)

Total likes: 300 (certainly acted as a boost for me)

Total comments: 297 (I certainly enjoyed reading them)

Now for the posts…

The slow and steady award would certainly go to:

Travelling on Amchi Mumbai’s Lifeline

The posts with the most views, likes, or comments:

A Gift for Santa

Christmas is for Everyone

The Birds and the Bees

How to Melt Someone’s Anger

A Mountain Picnic

A few of my favourites that didn’t make it to the above lists:

Little Joys

A Royal Purple

The Let’s Go For a Picnic Series


Lenovo K6 Note Review

So how was 2017 for you? Also, do mention whether there were any posts you really enjoyed reading on Randomzb​. Till next year…

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