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Oh just look at that beautiful view. So pretty, just like a framed picture. You are seriously out of shape though. I’m pretty sure half the country side must have heard you huffing and puffing all the way up this tiny hill.

Jack: The cabin is supposed to be by the edge of two full grown trees with yellow leaves. My grandparents planted them there on the day of their marriage.

You know Jack that’s a good point, but I can’t seem to find a pair of trees whose leaves have even a trace of yellow. <*Turning in your direction*> What are you doing?

Oh don’t bother. Google maps is not even capable of helping me find my house when it’s one street away. How will it find a little cabin in the middle of nowhere?

Ok no. You don’t really want to know why I was looking for my house on Google. Jack is there anyone we could call who will get us out of this?

Jack: Nope. <*Sitting down*> Now it’s up to you guys to search through the maze of trees for it. Why don’t you use the “survival instincts” you were talking about on the way here.

<*Me dragging him with a sigh*> Come on let’s go search for it.

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